Lost boys can grow up.


Once I was friends with  Peter Pan, flying straight on till morning. Pixie dust clouding my vision, I was blind to the real world and all of its troubles and joys. Completely content convalescing in a world of make believe. Tinkerbell, she had me fooled, believing all it took was one happy thought in order to soar.

I lived in Neverland, just another lost boys with only one rule, never grow up. I took advantage of strangers and friends alike gaining free meals and couches to sleep on. I played all day and I never felt ashamed.

Forever young, as it turns out is just not enough. At some point along the way I wanted more. I left Neverland. I did my best to blend into the world without growing up. I attended college, paid rent, even held a job, and I was a success. It was as if I didn’t age for years.

All of a sudden everything changed. I had broke the rule after all , here I was in the real world, still only a boy but suddenly eager to grow up and learn about love and responsibility.

Without Pixie dust my feet planted firmly to the ground. I pay bills, I keep jobs, and I raise boys who are all kinds of things except lost.

I always figured my happy thoughts were freedom from the restraints of the world. Today my thoughts are the happiest they’ve ever been, all because I grew up.










6 thoughts on “Lost boys can grow up.

  1. Vincent, I love your poetic side and am eager to hear more. Wishing you a belated happy birthday. My back surgery sapped all my energy for a couple of weeks but wanted to let you know I am always thinking of you. Love, Aunt Judy


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