I am a Masterpiece, and you can too!


Auguste Rodin’s took 37 years to complete La Porte de l’Enfer. The name translates to The Gates of Hell. This is easily considered his masterpiece as it contains many elements from his body of work. The Gates of Hell were only considered complete when Rodin died.

Life is a master sculpture. She pulls your essence from the river bed of eternity. Her delicate hands mold your mud clay into a shape not yet fully formed. She uses your parents like a wire clay cutter to begin building your dimensions. Childhood tragedies are like a ribbon tool cutting away smaller pieces. Her modeling tool adds details in your teen years. As you experience success her sponge is moistening your surface to prepare you for added details. Your clay form dries as you enter adulthood and life begins to decide what you are made of.

Metal casting  is done with the lost wax method. Molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created with a wax model. Once the mold is made, wax melts and drains away.

As a homeless teen I was made of wax, easily damaged. As life pitched me curve balls the metal I’d soon become became molten. As I entered college the mold was poured and the soft wax of who I once was melted away.

I entered into the real world a modern sculpture with flaws; I was not the finished piece I expected to be. I continue to allow life to sculpt and mold me into the masterpiece only she can create. Over time life will grind down my edges and clean any eyesores I may have. With any luck I will be considered a finished master piece when my time comes to move on.


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